Marcus like Texas, has a big personality making friends out of visitors and family out of friends. Marcus graduated from Amarillo High School, chasing a dream that some day he would create a state of mind that could reach everyone. Based out of his character and faith came the name "DEADLY BREED". Deadly Breed was birthed from a warrior's mindset. Like King David, Marcus believes we all have to face our own Goliath, when we are called by our Lord. Like King David, Marcus has a love for God as well as family, guns, country, and the great state of Texas.

JOSE /Partner

Born in Mexico and making the journey with his mom and dad to the United States as an infant, Jose started his journey in the US like so many others.  A son of migrant workers, picking produce on the east coast, Jose's family moved to West Texas during his teenage years.  Graduating from Dalhart High School, Jose went to college, undecided on his career, and eventually landed in Law Enforcement.  Now, a member of the Special Response Team and Special Ops Division, his experience resulted in becoming a Task Force Officer with the DEA.  Law Enforcement is his passion, not just for the honor of serving his community but for the family he has made through his travels across our Great Land, meeting Police Officers, Sheriff Deputies and Federal Agents who, like Jose, swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. The Deadly Breed Brand is more than just apparel for Jose, it is a symbol of triumph. The state of mind of never giving up pursuing your dream of becoming anything that you want to be and most importantly giving all glory to God.